Together to Fight Gender Based Violence

Project funded by UNDP Albania

7 September 2015- 31 August 2016

The project goal was to promote joint actions between men and women, boys and girls all together through the promotion of gender equality and the struggle against gender based violence, to contribute in the community and family for an equal and peaceful society in the city of Korçë and the commune of Pojan.

The main components and activities included 25 round tables, formal and informal meetings, training of the project’s leader group, and preparation of the promotional materials for the orange campaign.

Awareness-rising activities were organized within the Orange Campaign, 16 Days of Activism against violence:

On the occasion of the opening of Orange Campaign activities took place with a group of students in spaces of “Themistokli Germenji” high-school, “Bardhyl Pojani” school in Pojan. Posters were placed in different institutions, decoration of the pedestrian walkway of the city of Korce with orange ribbons was made and a sensitizing march of the students took place.

Activities in the framework of “Together to Fight Gender Based Violence” project included the day awareness campaign on 8 March, competition and awards, the innovation competition, the competition for the knowledge acquired during the project, meetings with pupils, teachers, representatives from the police and court, round tables with people invited from the health service, preparation, completion and analysis of questionnaires, and the study: “The perception of young people to violence”, preparation of the insert film.