Space for Young People

Project funded by GIZ ALBANIA – Within the framework of the national program GIZ ProSEED

7 November 2017- 30 June 2018

The project aim was to create a meeting space for a group of young people aged 19-34 years in order to develop their life skills. The result of this project, a gymnastic corner, lies now in the hills of the city of Korça and is being used by citizens of different ages.

The development of the life skills of the youngsters participating at the meetings and the gymnastic corner construction was oriented towards positive behaviors and adaptation to the environment to be able to efficiently cope with daily life’s demands and challenges. For instance, they developed a wide range of relational and behavioral skills that are now considered indispensable for successful inclusion in the workplace.

In this framework it was establish a leader group of 20 unemployed young people who had a key role in project implementation.  Through a 3-day-training it was enhanced the knowledge, the capacity and the empowerment of the Leadership Team members in terms of life skills development, enabling them to respond effectively to the demands and challenges of everyday life, to manage relationships with those who are concerned, to face the difficulties positively.

The realization of a playground with sport facilities was made through the inclusion and contribution of the volunteer work of 75 unemployed youngsters, as well as through the cooperation between the GZHK, the structures of the municipal institution, and other associations of civil society.

Through volunteering for the realization of the playground (the “learning by doing” method) and the training, it will be possible for youngsters to develop their skills to achieve their goals in the future.