Gender Mainstreaming and Active Society

Project funded by SOROS Foundation Albania.

1 June 2012-31 January 2013

During the implementation of this project, GZHK realized a study with the title “Community based Scorecards” (CBS). GZHK realized this research in 4 municipalities in the region of Korçë on these four municipalities as mentioned Municipality Korçë, Erseke, Bilisht and Maliq and in 4 communes.

This research was prepared with the financial support of the Common Program of European Union for Gender Equality, the support of the Fund of the Program Coherence UN One and UN Women during 2010-2011. This experience was taken further by GZHK through monitoring this process (i.e. how much did the local government take under consideration the problems and recommendations of the community presented in the CBS tables) in these areas. It continued an open dialogue with the local government and the process of lobbying in these areas.