An Active Society towards Gender Equality

Project funded by UN WOMEN ALBANIA

20 August 2010 – 31 July 2011

The main goal of this project was to promote active citizenship of women and girls who live in Korça or its rural areas in order to balance the presence of women and men in decision taking in the frame of local elections of 2011: “Women as a Political Constituency – Gender Equality in the 2011 Local Elections”.

 For the fulfillment of this goal, the specific objectives that GZHK was to increase awareness about the legal equality for men and women, to elect and be elected, resulting in more women coming out to vote and also young women who are first time voters.

The creation of Gender Equality Scorecards was a result of our focus on holding decision-makers to account on commitments towards gender equality and women’s rights. The political parties felt under pressure to implement the quotas and it was made very clear what they would have to do in order to address gender equality and women’s human rights issues at the local level. Women and girls were mobilized to get civically engaged and to come together in advocating to tackle family voting and increasing candidates’ attention to gender equality issues.

An important part of the project was the advocation with local media to ensure issues in the lead up to the local elections.