For an Active and Inclusive Society / CIVILISC Project Round I

Funded by European Delegation in Albania. GZHK is sub-contracted by IDM Albania

1 May 2017-30 April 2018

The activities realized in the frame work of this project have made possible the inclusion of the members of the “Local Citizen Counselling Commission” Devoll, local coalition and citizens groups in politics and the decision making process in the local government. An assessment of the current situation in relation to the public services offered by the municipality of Devoll, the identification of the main problems, the creation of a series of recommendations and the beginning of an advocating process for them to be taken under consideration, has proved to be a positive and promising step for the future in order to strengthen the citizen’s voice and to increase the cooperation between the local government and the community. The basics have been created to contribute in the improvement of the public services to the citizens and in the strengthening of an open dialogue between the representatives of the civil society, citizens and local government officials in the municipality of Devoll.

In frame of this project the organization “Women in Development Korce” in close cooperation with the “Local Citizen Counselling Commission” Devoll has made possible:

  1. The creation of a local coalition (3 SCOs and active groups of citizens) which enabled the assessment of the public services provided in the municipality of Devoll;
  2. Increase of knowledge, capacities and strengthening of the members of the local coalition for issues related to: assessment and mobilization of the needs of the community; understanding the legal framework which enables the inclusion of the citizens in politics and the decision making process as well as advocating and lobbying;
  3. The creation of a Community based Scorecard in the municipality of Devoll;
  4. The improvement of the cooperation between SCOs, citizens and LG representative to address issues of common interest.

The members of the civil society, by being part of the activities of the project and by playing an active role in their realization, have strengthened their capacities in relation to the identification of the problems and also advocating with LG officials. This contributed in the involvement of the citizens in debate during an open forum with LG representatives. It creates premises that in the future the citizens groups can be part of the development of the policies in a local level.