Women integration in the job market

Project funded by Commission for Democracy, Americian Embassy in Tirana

1 September 2014 – 31 August 2015

“Woman integration in the job market” project contributed in the creation of a favorable environment for the social and economic integration of women end youngsters and improvement of their status in the municipality of Korçë.

Representatives of the local government and civil society are by now more conscious for young women and women integration in the job market. There were created communication bridges to coordinate the work and also identified real needs for the integration of the target groups in the job market.

The organization created a database with the names, contact numbers of 150 young women and women interested in being employed. This young unemployed people were informed about the actual situation over the demands of the job market. 15 qualified young women and 4 women the increased their skills to respond to the job market and to enable the training, assistance of the other target groups which are part of the project, 52 young people, mostly young women, enriched their knowledge in relation to their orientation to the job market and also continued to be assisted during the counseling sessions, 5 young women got trained in the first round of the trainings so later on by contributing as trainers to other people, they applied their acquired knowledge during the first round, and also 7 people were employed and the 75 others were enabled to face the demands of the job market.