AIS Network, E-Democracy CIVILISC Project Round II

This project is funded by European Delegation in Albania, GZHK is sub-contracted by IDM Albania

1 February 2018-31 July 2018

This project aims to create a “value chain” through network collaboration of three CSOs: GZHK – Korçë, SSCI – Tirana and SRM – Gjirokastra (hereinafter referred to as “CSO consortium”). The synergy of this cooperation will serve to improve the quality of life for citizens in three municipalities: Devoll, Tepelena, and Libohova, giving them the opportunity to participate in the policy-making process and, more specifically, related to service delivery by municipal offices and agencies. This, in turn, will increase citizen capacity to: analyze and monitor municipalities’ work; advocate with local governance officials; and actively participate in the development of policies at local level. This project will contribute to improve public services for citizens and enhance the dialogue between CSOs, citizens and local government officials in the three target municipalities.

The aforementioned results will be achieved by focusing on two main project components:

  • Experience exchange and networking
  • Combine existing best practices with new initiatives to enhance the impact of the proposed interventions. The CSO consortium will introduce a new “E-Democracy” initiative that consists in using IT technology to make it easier for citizens to report and raise concerns related to public service delivery in their respective municipality, thus taking an active role in pushing to improve municipalities’ performance and enhancing the arguments and facts in support of the CSOs’ advocacy efforts to ensure that municipalities take concrete steps to improve public service delivery. Under this component, the CSO consortium will develop and manage an online platform called “Citizens’ Forum Portal” for Devoll, Tepelena, and Libohova.