Youth and Human Rights in Korça Region

Project funded by American Embassy in Tirana, Democracy Commission Small Grants Program.

29 September 2010-30 June 2011:

“Youth and Human Rights in Korça Region” project contributed to the creation of a more equal, right and solidary society, in the rising of a consciousness and critic citizenship through the involvement of the youth in the theme of human rights, solidarity and promotion of a peaceful culture.

This goal was achieved through social integration of students’ groups by educating and making them aware of human rights, based in a close collaboration with our organization’s capacities.

We advocated for more investments in the professionalism of teachers in the autonomous school who play an essential role in the process of education and formation of students not only through the teaching process but also through the embrace of youth community in the process of country’s democratization.

The social integration of students’ groups that participated in this project through the Youth and Human Rights, was not only a theory teaching of values but a practical process through which students develop their critic skills.

The inclusion of the educational institutions in this project was important in order to sensitize all community about human rights and citizenship themes.