GZHK - Gruaja / në Zhvillim / Korçë

About Us.

Our Vision: Powerful woman and youthDeveloped society.

The organization “Gruaja në Zhvillim Korҫë” (Women in Development Korca ) started work on October 2003 as a community movement initiated by a group of women considering this as a possibility to work together for women and youngsters issues in Korça region. This organization is registered in Tirana Court with register number 811 and started its activity as a legal subject under the logo GZHK.

Goal and mandate of the organization:

To contribute in increasing the social, economic, cultural and political status of women in Korҫa region and promoting the human status in general and that of women in particular through promotion of women and youngsters initiatives, social services, education and advocating programs to provide a sustainability of the impact of our work.

GZHK in its beginnings has worked as a focal point of the organization “Gruaja në Zhvillim” in Tirana. Since the beginning of our work, we have had contacts and secured collaboration with a series of actors from the non-governmental organization, local and central authorities, local media etc. GZHK is member of the:
- Network of women “Millennium”;
- “Equality in Decision Making” (EDM) – Network;
- “Coalition of local observers”.